Transform The Surface Of Your Vehicle With Our Signature Car Detailing Package

We at Prime Finish welcome you to experience a whole new way of enhancing the appearance of your beloved vehicle. The Prime Signature Detail package is or most premium car detailing Melbourne plan that is specifically designed to enhance and protect the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Once we take your ride across all stages of our premium detailing package, we guarantee that your vehicle will not only demonstrate exhilarating gloss and shine but it will also experience various self-cleaning properties including the ability to easily repel unwanted water substances. Moreover, our process has countlessly proven to ensure that any sort of contamination desperately struggles to stick around the surface of the protected vehicle, reducing the effort it takes to maintain your vehicle in the process.

If you sign up for our Prime Signature package then our dedicated team will be fully committed to ensuring that your vehicle is perfectly prepared, cleansed and polished away according to the most advance and effective methods possible. We are not done there as your vehicle is also applied with not one but two rounds of CQuartz Finest Reserve that has been formulated to ensure that your vehicle is further incorporated with the right tools required to keep it looking fresh and brighter than its competition on the roads. This is made possible as the formula present in the Finest Reserve is designed to perfectly shelter any vehicle against the hazards present across our environment and consistently enable you to wash your vehicle for years without stressing over the condition of such protection from wearing away.

Let’s discuss some of the most exciting features available through our Signature Detail package. Along with providing one of the most aesthetically pleasing looks for your vehicle, our premium car detailing package also ensures dust and dirt resistant. So you never have to worry about your car losing its appeal as long as the paint protection has been applied on. Once your vehicle has passed all stages involved in the cleansing and drying stages, you will immediately be blown away by the aesthetically pleasing revamp that your vehicle has been incorporated with. This combined with a minimum age life of up to 3 years, the Signature Detail package is perfectly equipped to provide your car with the most effective paint and gloss protection that money can buy. M

oreover, our premium package is highly regarded as one of the most cost effective methods of ensuring that your vehicle gets maximum protection from nature and wild life, especially those pesky bird droppings that easily latch on to the surface of your vehicle and take a lot of time and effort to remove afterwards.

If you are still not convinced then hurry up and make sure to avail one of the most exciting car wash and paint protection packages available in Australia. We encourage you to connect with one of our dedicated sales reps in order to attain better understanding regarding how our premium car detailing package is perfectly suited for your vehicle.