Methods To Remove Concrete

To carry out any repair work in a building, it is important to remove damaged, deteriorated and defective concrete, however, how much of it should be removed cannot be determined at the stage of planning. How much of the concrete is to be left and especially what aged concrete is not to be removed is in itself a difficult decision. When removing the concrete, a basic guideline that is used to determine the extent of removal is to keep scrapping off till aggregated concrete particles start to break down as compared to the simple removal of cement matrix. Do not create a joint between old and new. One of the methods to concrete removal in Melbourne method is called blasting method. However, it can also create problems in the surrounding area concrete that is not to be removed, so this procedure is to be carried out carefully. Few tools with high impact are used too but can also damage the concrete as it causes small cracking. Further detailed removal of debris is done through using sand blasting, high pressure water jetting or chipping methods.  

  1. Blasting methods
    One of the commonly used methods for concrete removal is blasting methods. It is also deemed as one of the cost effective way of removing large quantities of defective concrete. This is done by placing required amounts of explosive in bore holes and is detonated either in predefined or concurrent sequence.  
  1. Cutting Methods: 
    Another way to remove damaged concrete is by using the following cutting methods:  
  • High pressure water jetting is used to cut only the concrete surface. 
  • Different sizes of carbide saws are used to cut through the concrete surface. Large saws for this purpose can be used to cut through the depth of 1.3 meters.  
  • Mechanical shearing method uses steel and hydraulic powered jaws to cut the concrete decks and concrete slabs. 
  1. Impacting Methods
    The concrete is removed by repeated impact by striking a large mass or a tool to create a fracture and break the concrete. However, if not done carefully and professionally, it can also cause cracking in rest of the adjoined concrete. The tools which are required for this method are as following:  
  • Boom mounted breakes 
  • Scabblers 
  • Hand held breakers 
  1. Hydro – Demolition
    This method is used to remove concrete when the steel reinforcement has to cleaned and reused and to make sure the remaining concrete faces minimum damage, if it has to be remained in place.  
  1. Pre-Splitting Method: 
    With the use of water pressure and hydraulic splitters, a line is made and induced in the concrete to remove the concrete. Depending on the spacing, placement and depth of how the bore holes are drilled, the cracks are propagated. These include:  
  • Hydraulic splitter 
  • Water pulse splitter 
  • Expansive product agents 

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