Why Does A Tree Need Trimming?

Although many do not pay much attention to this area when it comes to growing trees, it is vital that you know the importance and reasons related to tree trimming and pruning. This process is done not to destroy a tree but to keep it safer and help it to grow furthermore rather than let it stand idle for years and years. Following are some of the reasons that have arose as to why tree trimming or pruning takes place in the present world. Take a look and understand why you should do it as well.

To ensure safety

Imagine having many large trees in your garden. You would at least have grown one large tree in your backyard which is indeed a source of shelter and breeze. However, if you just let it grow without any concern on how and in which direction it is heading to, there might be a problem. As the tree grows older, its branches and limbs will come to a state of ‘death’ where they might be at the verge of falling off at any time. Therefore, it is important that you keep track and remove such parts. Also, while driving, if you find braches of a tree as a n obstruction in the street for your vision, you need to inform the authorities https://heritagetreesurgeons.com.au/about-us/ to take care of that matter in order to ensure the safety of the other drivers that use the same route.


While some prefer tree removal rather than trimming, it is not necessary to remove the whole tree itself in order to avoid health issues. In fact, trimming the tree gives out even better health benefits than you may have known. It is said that an improved airflow can be achieved by trimming the crown of a tree. Also, in order to save an infected tree, you can trim or prune the branches which affected by the infection in a strategic manner. Not only that, it is essential that you trim branches which are rubbing together to prevent them from falling at any given time.


The way a tree looks matter too. When a tree is trimmed and pruned, it gives a better outlook for the onlookers. A well maintained shape and appearance will even enhance the overall look of your garden. You can do tree lopping service in Perth to the branches and limbs that require it, thereby giving it a better shape and outlook; however, you should not go overboard with this process which may result in an unnatural shape or size for the tree.

A trimmed tree

Once you consider all the above factors, you see why a tree needs trimming and pruning. It is not a means of destroying a nature’s gift, but a way of preserving it for the future generations to come.