Additional Services Provided By Shorehire Are



Shorehire promises its customers with providence of rigging under observation of qualified and expert personnel and engineers who are monitoring the entire project. To ensure that you are at ease they provide both these services. They possess and work with a vast scope of crane trucks to satisfy the loading and unloading of materials at the construction site, all of which are new and hence modernized in terms of their look and functional operations. They are also known for providing all their customers with support on the construction site. They do this through various means, some of which are their technical team, their engineers, their products, all of which aim to ensure customers with safety and quality within an affordable budget.

They not only assist you with spotting the right products only but are there throughout the construction:  from viewing the site, to designing and planning to installing of products and what not. This is because they know that their task is not only restricted to providing the material at the site, but it is after that customers often need help and guidance for its assembling and utilization and this is where experts at Shoreline step in once again to tell you how to effectively use the products I right positions and places. They additionally give drawings and plans of site construction illustrating the placement of all the gear along with guidelines of how to use certain products in certain spaces.

Two types of lasers are provided by Shore hire, on is Level Laser, which is multipurpose in nature and the other one is Pipe Laser.  The Level Laser as its name suggest is utilized while measuring and recording if a particular constructed site is exactly horizontal or vertical or not, it is also utilized while making of slopes.

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Shorehire has its head office in Condell Park, however, it has numerous other branches, where you can go and visit them depending upon which one is nearer to you. One of their ranches is in Queensland, it is open Monday to Friday from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon, and it is also open for services on Saturdays from seven in the morning to twelve in the afternoon. You can contact them on phone at 07 3080 4000 or through email at:  Their second branch is in Sydney, the third branch is in Victoria, for contact call them 03 9344 6400 or email  Another of their branch is in Newcastle; it is open only from Monday to Friday during eight thirty in the morning to five in the afternoon. Call them on 02 4918 2500 or email them  They also have a branch at Sunshine coast, which offers services to incomers from Monday to Friday during seven to five and on Saturdays from seven to twelve. Email them at Or call at 0428 240 229 for more details.